mitsubishi x sidlee 

Freshly recruited at Sid Lee Paris, I was given the opportunity to create truly inspiring brand content for Mitsubishi Motors Europe. The daunting challenge was to capture five different life experiences, each edited in beautiful films, all available on an immersive online platform. Mitsubishi wanted to show all the capabilities of the Outlander plug-in hybrid vehicle, intertwined with a series of true adventures between normal people meeting their real-life heroes who inspire them. 
The journey started in Paris, France and ended in Bergen, Norway. We crossed five separate countries with different characters in each film. With only fourteen days of shooting and seven thousand kilometres to travel on a very tight budget, the implication had to be total on all aspects of the project. I directed the teams, from the initial concept, to selling the idea to the client and then ensured the art direction, with the production team, throughout the filming.
Awards: FWA & Awwwwards (site of the day)​​​​​​​
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